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Explore Romanian mountains through 10 aerial panoramic images

DragoÈ™ Asaftei November 7, 2018

Ep. 2 / Ciucas Mountains: The spectacular weather that changes the landscape

DragoÈ™ Asaftei June 13, 2018

Ep.1 / Almaj Mountains: The place where Danube’s Gorges are born

DragoÈ™ Asaftei May 26, 2018

Let's start the journey!

During the next year I will climb up on 12 of the most spectacular mountains in Romania and I will take photos and videos with my drone in some special moments: sunset, sunrise, great or even bad, but expressive weather. The goal is to show you the entire experience I lived during every trip on the mountains. It will be a part of the emotion you will fell when you’ll go up on the mountains, you’ll show them your respect and you’ll behave responsibly.

Traveling in A journey over the Romanian Mountains we discover more and more spectacular places in our country. So we chose the most beautiful images and deliver you for free to use as a cover photo for your Facebook profile.

Help us to promote the gorgeous beauty of Romanian Mountains!